Sara Bronfman Profile

Sara Bronfman was born in New York City, but moved to England at the age of five after her parents’ divorce. She spent her childhood with each of her parents on their respective sides of the Atlantic. Her father Edgar Bronfman Sr. was the Chairman and CEO of Seagram’s, a company started by her grandfather. During her early childhood, he travelled extensively with the company’s rapid growth and expansion into international markets. In 1987, Sara’s mother moved to Kenya to work with Richard Leakey at Kenya Wildlife Service at the beginning of the “war on ivory” fund raising and bringing international awareness to the campaign.

Sara began her own business career in her early twenties, owning and operating small companies and returning regularly to her certificate studies in International Affairs at NYU. Her first full-time work experience was four years with a skydiving company, starting in sales and rising to become a partner.

She is married to the Zurich-based entrepreneur and Libyan national, Basit Igtet.

Sara’s believes strongly in the importance of the natural environment. Her childhood experiences instilled the belief that people can and do affect the world. For her, the environment is about more than just where we live and how much energy we consume – important as those decisions are. It’s about every choice we make: as healthy individuals we contribute to a healthier society which in turn is better for humanity.

Sara believes that if the changes we need to make in our world are to be feasible, it will be essential for all of us to be to be involved – from parents and educators to entrepreneurs and politicians. Politicians can create the right legal framework and the scientists and engineers can create the new technologies. But everybody has to play their part in putting it into practice..

She also believes in the power of natural, healthy food to feed longer, richer lives. For her this is more than work – it is a way of life. Sara and her family are vegetarians, and promote plant-based eating as a vital step towards caring for the natural environment. She has no connection with NXIVM.